AIIB Competition Rules

Association of Irish Indoor Bowls


Honorary Secretary President Honorary Treasurer
Mr Tommy Smith Mr Ronnie McKitterick Mr Brian Mairs



Revised September 2016

  1. The Championship is open to teams from all Indoor Clubs who are affiliated to the Association of Irish indoor Bowls.
  2. The Championship consists of a series of games between the teams entered by the Clubs. Each team will play each other team twice, home and away. These Inter-Stadium games shall be regarded as Trial Matches for potential players to be considered for the Irish International Team and will be played during the period of October – January, dates to be arranged.
  3. Dress code will be whites except where a Club has an approved coloured shirt. If coloured shirts are worn all members of the team must wear them.
  4. Each team will have 4 rinks, all players shall be Male Full playing members of an affiliated Club and not have represented any other Club in a National Championship during the season.
  5. All games shall be 18 ends or three hours, whichever is the shorter. The game will commence on the bell and will terminate when the bell is rung 10 minutes before the end of the 3 hour period. At this point the players will complete the end they are playing and play one further end. There will be no burnt ends – if an end is burnt the jack will be placed on a spot 1 metre from the T depending on which side the end is burnt.
  6. The competition will be played in accordance with the Rules and Laws of the Sport of Indoor Bowls as laid down by the WIBC, the BIIBC and the AIIB.
  7. The winners of the competition will be decided on a points system with seven points awarded for each match. Three points will be awarded to the winning team plus one point for each winning rink. Rinks finishing level on shots will get half a point each.
  8. Qualified Umpires will be appointed for all matches by mutual agreement between the AIIB and the Irish Bowls Umpires Association.