AIIB Championships 2018 Completed

The 2018 AIIB Championships were completed at the County Antrim IBC on Friday 14th – Sunday 16th December. The venue saw a feast of top class bowls with the qualifiers for the BIIBC Championships in Falcon IBC as follows:-

Singles Final – Gary Kelly (BCIBC) 21 Gerard McGleave (BIBC) 11

Pairs Final – Simon Colvin & Gary Kelly (BCIBC) 18 Mark McPeak & S.Bennett (BIBC) 14

Triples Final – Brian Prunty, Paul Prunty & Paul McEwan (BIBC) 19 Ali Coleman, S.Coleman & A.Kyle (CAIBC) 17

Fours Final – Scott Jess, Simon Beggs, Adam McKeown & Mitchell Albert (CAIBC) 22 Ryan McElroy, Gary McElroy, Ryan Cavan & Stephen Kirkwood (BIBC) 9

Junior Singles Final – Stephen Kirkwood (BIBC) 21 Robbie Kirkwood (BIBC) 18

Senior Fours – Sam Higgins, Billy McCandless, Jackie Robinson & Jim Baker (CAIBC) 19 Hugh Paul, Morris Smyth, Tommy Smith & Willie McCaw (BCIBC) 18 (After a tie End)

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